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Translation and integral solutions for families and  entrepreneurs     

Translation and integral solutions for Families and  Entrepreneurs

We at Interpreting Services are keen to always offer the best service,and we do everything that we can to make you as our customer happy.
We have a very wide and varied range where we offer most of the services for you who live or moving to Gran Canaria.
Whats makes us completely unique is 30 years of experience in living and entrepreneurship in the Canary islands.

Interpreter & Translation Assignment
Swedish-English.Danish-Norwegian-Spanish - German

Medical reports
Application for  residencia
Application for NIE number
Interpreter if needed

We also offer authorized translation with stamp and seal. 

With a broad experience and a solid contact network, we become the solution to your needs.
With us you will find a team of  Lawyers, Accountants, Tax experts, Brokers, Healhtcare, Medical experts.

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